Cresedo Tec is an independent freelance company based in Montréal, Canada.

We enjoy working for our clients, listen to your wishes and are known to be fast and efficient.

Our clients know that by choosing Cresedo Tec they receive exactly the web site they are looking for.
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About Cresedo Tec

Cresedo Tec was started in 1999 by Gabrielle Zacek, a physicist by profession. Apart from growing up with a love for art, colours and design she has solid professional experience in solving complex programming tasks and in developing user friendly applications.

In case of special requirements Cresedo Tec can draw on the experience of other independent professionals like photographers, journalists, graphic designers and translators.

Therefore at Cresedo Tec our clients find at one single spot all the expertise necessary for the creation of a successful Internet presence.